Anagram Balloons PUMPKIN GHOST C AIRLOONZ 56" tall airfilled balloon

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Anagram Balloons
PUMPKIN GHOST  AIRLOONZ 56" airfilled balloon 
We're excited to introduce our latest trend-forward product collection: AirLoonz®

· Designed to make a BIG statement, these large-scale balloons are AIR-filled décor with 2 inflation
points: one for the top shape & one for the base.
· AirLoonz can be easily filled with an air inflator or hand pump.
· Each package also includes an easy to place elastic strap.
· The base is separate component so can be used with base as a standalone piece or without base as
part of larger décor design.
· The balloon base stabilizes simply with placement of a weighted household item (i.e. unopened can of
soup or soda pop) in the provided space.