Dotsy's Lawn Sign Rentals !

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Big and bold lawn sign rentals to celebrate any occasion!  Please read FAQ below !

Custom name, saying , age etc  

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Canada Day!


Sweet 16 !



New Baby!


and more!

50th birthday lawn signs

video games

Each Package Includes the wording of your choice, plus 15-20 decorative pieces!

DIY Package $65.00+ HST - you pick up the day before and return the day after to our St. Thomas or Tillsonburg location. 

Full Service Package $150.00+ HST - we set up before 7am on the day of your event, and pick them up the following morning.  Additional travel fees outside of the London - Woodstock corridor will apply. 

**Long Weekends are DIY only (pick up Friday, return Monday )

** DIY pick up locations are either St  Thomas or Tillsonburg 

 **Bookings are non refundable, but can be rescheduled

** wooden sign stands are available if the ground is frozen, or for indoor use, use on pavement or in newer built homes with tough ground etc

** for DiY, please have a completely empty back seat or trunk.  Ideally a vehicle with seats that fold down.  Stands are approximately 2feet by  4feet by 1ft.  Signs are in a large canvas bag .. approximately 2 ft wide, 4 feet long and 1 foot deep. 

70th birthday lawn signs

60th birthday lawn signs

50th birthday lawn signs

40th birthday lawn signs

30th birthday lawn signs

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