ProAiir HYBRID Makeup (airbrush or sponge) - SKIN TONES

ProAiir HYBRID Makeup (airbrush or sponge) - SKIN TONES

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ProAiir Hybrid Skin Tones 1 oz - 5 pack special.
All Skin Tones are a MATTE finish, waterproof and smudge proof skin cover product. Designed to COVER the skin of color imperfections, tattoos for those perfect photo opportunities. Do NOT mistake this as a glamour makeup because it is NOT. Over layering of colors will cause the base to darken, so less is best. For longest durability apply to clean skin, no foundation. For shorter durability apply foundation or lotion to the skin prior. Skin Tones are heavily pigmented and a test pilot which requires a good shaking in the beginning and will fade faster than the standard Hybrid colors. Removal is easy with Makeup Remover or Liquid Soap rubbed into skin first then rinse with water after.

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