Ultimate Graffiti Eyes Stencil Kit

Ultimate Graffiti Eyes Stencil Kit

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Ultimate Graffiti Eyes Stencil Kit Price: $25.00 Each stencil kit contains 3 stencils with over 18 graffiti elements to create rockiní graffiti eyes, and 4 different step-by-step design cards for additional inspiration. These laser cut stencils are durable, easy to use, easy to clean, and are a must have in your arsenal of face painting tools. WATCH THE TUTORIAL VIDEO! If you want to paint graffiti eyes just like me, then you are going to love this stencil kit! It is a great tool for any skill level of face painter, and with so many different design elements, you can mix and match shapes and colours to create an endless variety of graffiti eyes designs, super easy, super fast.Check out my other Products and Videos to help support my artwork ~ Thank you! For more inspiring ideas you can join my Graffiti Eyes Facebook Group! It is a great place to see how other people are using the makeup stencils, for you to share your artwork, and to stay up to date on new stencil releases, classes and other events I will be attending! :)

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