Wiser's Octopus Tattoo Pro Stencil

Wiser's Octopus Tattoo Pro Stencil

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The Octopus Tattoo Pro Stencil set features 1 large size Octopus stencil (3-steps), 1 medium sized water wave stencil, 1 small Coral Reef stencil, fish cutouts and other elements that can be used to make realistic airbrush tattoos. Tattoo Pro Stencil kits contain both positive and negative stencil design shapes that are used to create Black & Grey, or full blown color tattoos! Once you start mixing and matching stencils from various kits, you'll be able to come up with endless designs ideas for quick and easy tattoos! Each Tattoo Pro design sheet comes with an 8"x10" durable 7.5ml solvent-proof mylar sheet with positive and negative shapes, and packaging that can be used as a folder for your stencil pieces or as a DIY custom tattoo design display poster. Also included is an additional 8.5"x11" pre-printed design display poster featuring designs created with this kit.

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